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ABW Technologies

Established in 1907, ABW is an established turn-key manufacturer of tanks, vessels, casks, shipping packages, storage containers, mechanical equipment, transportation equipment, support/handling equipment, embeds and structural steel packages for nuclear remediation, storage, and decommissioning efforts at various US DOE sites including Hanford and Savannah River. In-house services include Steel Fabrication, Design/Engineering, CNC Machining, Assembly, Testing, and Painting/Coatings. ABW production staff works in compliance with ASME, AWS, AISC and NQA-1 quality programs and is relied upon for critical, detailed, and complex projects within the industry year after year.

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AECOM is built to deliver a better world. We design, build, finance and operate infrastructure assets for governments, businesses and organizations in more than 150 countries. As a fully integrated firm, we connect knowledge and experience across our global network of experts to help clients solve their most complex challenges. From high-performance buildings and infrastructure, to resilient communities and environments, to stable and secure nations, our work is transformative, differentiated and vital. See how we deliver what others can only imagine at aecom.com and @AECOM.

American Crane & Equipment Corporation

American Crane & Equipment Corporation is a leading provider of cranes, hoists, manipulators, and specialized lift systems. Customers include commercial nuclear plants, DOE facilities, DOE laboratories, and defense facilities. American Crane's recent focus has been supplying cranes and replacement trolleys/hoists for dry spent fuel storage and radioactive waste remediation. Critical lift cranes having enhanced crane control features are also being supplied for material handling of critical equipment. American Crane has an ASME NQA-1 and 10CFR50, Appendix B QA Program and maintains a full-time service department with capabilities to perform crane mechanical and controls upgrades. American Crane has the in-house capabilities to provide all the cranes needed for new nuclear power plant construction.

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American DND, Inc.

American DND performs SAFE Environmental Remediation, Demolition & Nuclear Decommissioning. As a Service Disabled Veteran (SDV) and Small Business (SB) we also help Clients comply with Diversity and set-aside Programs. Our Management Team possess extensive "Lessons Learned" from performing over $700M of D-N-D Work at over 500 projects over the past 35 years. Radiological Decommissioning projects have been performed at Savannah River Site, West Valley (currently working), Yankee Nuclear Facilities, Oakridge Plants, Fernald, Rocky Flats, Humboldt Bay, LACBWR, DOE, DOD, & USACE Projects. American DND is ready to help with the toughest of your D-N-D Projects.

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Arcadis is one of the world’s largest organizations providing comprehensive engineering, environmental and architectural services to federal clients worldwide. For over 75 years, we’ve delivered performance-based environmental solutions, premiere water management, energy and architectural expertise to fully meet federal demands. Our strong international presence includes 28,000 staff in 70 countries providing services worldwide. Our innovative, sustainable solutions provide value to support our clients’ success in critical missions around the world.

Argonne is a multidisciplinary science and engineering research center, where talented scientists and engineers work together to answer the biggest questions facing humanity, from how to obtain affordable clean energy to protecting ourselves and our environment. Ever since we were born out of the University of Chicago's work on the Manhattan Project in the 1940s, our goal has been to make an impact - from the atomic to the human to the global scale.

ARS International, LLC

ARS International is an Alaskan Native Corporation, Small Disadvantaged Business, with multiple 8(a) subsidiaries. Our umbrella of companies offers the following services: Environmental Remediation Services, Analytical Services, Mobile Laboratory Services, Demolition/Deactivation/Decontamination Services, Construction Services, Health Physicist Services, Hazardous Waste Management Services, Field Sampling/Surveying Services, IT/Telecom Services

ASRC Industrial Services

ASRC Industrial Services (AIS) is a family of companies providing safe, cost-effective and quality services to the industrial, commercial and government sector. Our three operating groups - Construction, Maintenance & Repair; Remediation & Response and Environmental Engineering & Professional – deliver innovative services with a broad set of resources. AIS companies have a unique set of tools including MBE, evergreen small business status for federal subcontractor purposes, 8(a) and DBE to help customers reach their diversity goals. www.ASRCIndustrial.com

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As a combined company, SNC-Lavalin and Atkins are trusted advisors providing end-to-end project management, nuclear operations, integrated nuclear safety, environmental, waste management, and engineering and technology services. We are solving some of the world’s toughest nuclear challenges while helping our clients meet the demands of complex, multi-tiered regulatory paradigms, all the while striving to improve safety and increase operational efficiency. We work with our clients to manage their waste projects, solve complex radioactive waste problems, and reduce hazardous content. Come visit us at booth 825 to learn more about our turnkey management solutions.

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ATOX provides various technologies and services to enhance safety and security in using and researching nuclear energy. To meet wide range of needs, we have many branch offices throughout Japan. Our main business are Fukushima reconstruction project including decommissioning and decontamination, and various maintenance management at other NPPs and nuclear facilities. In addition, we have been working with multiple foreign companies on introducing decommissioning technologies, and sales and maintenance of nuclear related equipment. Based on these experiences, we are ready to support you as a business partner to expand your business into Japan.

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The eMWaste® G2 Primary Suite is the only web-based COTS software that tracks hazardous, radioactive and mixed waste. eMWaste® G2 provides electronic "cradle to grave" tracking of profiles, container certification, characterization, inventory, processing, treatment, overpack, shipping, and disposal operations. eMWaste® G2 keeps a full historical record of container movements, processes, parent/daughter processes, and shipping disposition of the container. eMWaste® G2 is composed of nine suites and offers LIMS, Processor, Disposition, Document Control, Dispatch, Project Management, and Contract Management to our customers.


Austin Master Services, LLC (AMS) specializes in waste management and radiological services to commercial and government clients. Founded in 1997, the company has since expanded to cover ten states within the Continental United States with offices in Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York.

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AVANTech, Inc.

AVANTech, Inc. is a rapidly growing U.S. technology company with extensive experience in design, fabrication, and operation of water and wastewater treatment equipment for government, commercial, and industrial clients. A 20-year-old small business, AVANTech has compiled a team of personnel who are skilled in covering all aspects of nuclear and non-nuclear solid and liquid waste and water treatment systems. Its multidisciplinary staff includes chemical, mechanical, electrical, and nuclear engineering, as well as computer sciences. AVANTech has three manufacturing/service facilities located in Knoxville, Tennessee; Richland, Washington; and headquarters in Columbia, South Carolina. All engineering, fabrication, and operational activities are implemented in accordance with ASME NQA-1 Quality Assurance Program. Technologies include demineralization, Advanced Polymer Solidification, ion selective removal, filtration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, dewatering, and drying. These are applied on a stand-alone basis, or combined to effect waste stream or pool cleanup, sludge collection, silica removal, boric acid recovery, and zero environmental release.

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Bechtel National

Bechtel is one of the most respected global engineering, construction, and project management companies. Together with our customers, we deliver landmark projects that foster long-term progress and economic growth. Since 1898, we’ve completed more than 25,000 extraordinary projects across 160 countries on all seven continents. We operate through four global businesses: Infrastructure; Nuclear, Security & Environmental; Oil, Gas & Chemicals; and Mining & Metals. Our company and our culture are built on more than a century of leadership and a relentless adherence to our values, the core of which are safety, quality, ethics, and integrity. These values are what we believe, what we expect, what we deliver, and what we live.

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BELGOPROCESS offers integrated nuclear waste management and decommissioning services, driven by safety and backed by hands-on industrial experience. The company is an expert in minimizing the amount of radioactive waste produced and maximizing release of decontaminated material while optimizing operational costs. BELGOPROCESS is specialized in plasma treatment technology that uses a high-temperature plasma processing technique with operating features that eliminate the personnel exposure and costs associated with sorting, characterizing and handling this waste and gives a final product that meets most stringent acceptance criteria for final storage. In addition, due to its high volume reduction factor, plasma technology significantly reduces storage and disposal costs. The final waste form is a glassy slag that is free from any organic material and liquid/sludge and is very suitable for long-term storage and disposal due to the physical-chemical and mechanical stabilization of the waste.


The industry leader in cutting concrete and metal structures, Bluegrass has participated as a subcontractor in every significant commercial decommissioning project in the U.S., and numerous DOE jobs. Using diamond wire technology on hundreds of projects, we have successfully cut and segmented reactor nozzles, reactor heads, large components, and bio-shield and containment walls. We also specialize in shaving contaminated concrete to required depths leaving the surface smooth enough for direct frisk.

Bragg Nuclear Group

For over 50 years, Bragg Companies has provided expertise, equipment, and qualified personnel to support nuclear plant construction, major component replacement, and decommissioning across the country. Bragg’s three divisions: Crane Service, Heavy Haul, and Crane & Rigging, own and operate the specialized equipment needed to safely perform the diverse and challenging work in nuclear generating stations. Whether it’s 825-ton capacity cranes, 850-ton heavy rigging and gantry systems, or self-propelled modular trailers (SPMTs), Bragg can supply it all. The Bragg Nuclear Group is dedicated to providing safe, innovative, time-saving and cost-effective rigging and heavy transport solutions in the complex nuclear environment.

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Brokk heavy duty remotely operated machines are used worldwide in many challenging applications These include; Dismantling, Decontamination, Demolition, Excavation, Size Reduction, Radiation Surveys, Process Operations, Sorting and Handling of Radioactive Waste. Operators can remotely complete multiple tasks at safe distances away from high radiation areas or other hazardous environments. Brokk machines can deploy many different types of remotely interchangeable attachments and can be customized to meet specific project requirements. Over 8,000 Brokk machines have been deployed and they have earned an excellent record of performance, ruggedness and reliability.

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Headquartered in Lynchburg, Va., BWX Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:BWXT) is a leading supplier of nuclear components and fuel to the U.S. government; provides technical and management services to support the U.S. government in the operation of complex facilities and environmental remediation activities; and supplies precision manufactured components, services and fuel for the commercial nuclear power industry. With approximately 6,100 employees, BWXT has nine major operating sites in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, BWXT joint ventures provide management and operations at more than a dozen U.S. Department of Energy and two NASA facilities.


Cabrera is a turnkey remediation and site closure company. Whether we provide health physics expertise, perform remediation, or integrate both to conduct turnkey remediation on a project, our understanding of the all elements of remediation, particularly for radiological cleanup, ensures technically sound solutions that expedite site closure for our clients.

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CAEN SyS relies upon an extremely strong foundational knowledge of nuclear measurement instrumentation in developing Radiation Measurements Systems and Spectroscopy Solutions. These systems and solutions are perfectly suited to operations involving Nuclear Fuel Facilities, Nuclear Power Plants, Measurements Laboratories, and Security Applications. CAEN SyS is committed to delivering exceptional nuclear measurement instrumentation, expertise, and technical support. CAEN SyS products and systems will allow operators to maintain online operation with a high degree of quality, safety and security, while minimizing operational expenses via on-time delivery.

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As the world leader in air filtration technology, Camfil offers state-of-the-art filtration solutions for industrial, nuclear, cleanrooms and high containment spaces. Camfil manufactures HEPA and ULPA filters with flows as high as 600 fpm; and adsorbers for removing gaseous contaminants. Camfil's highly-engineered filter housings and systems have reset the industry standard for high quality containment air filtration systems. Visit www.camfil.com

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CDM Smith provides lasting and integrated solutions for water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities needs of public and private clients worldwide. As a full-service consulting, engineering, construction and operations firm, we deliver exceptional client service, quality results and enduring value across the entire project life-cycle. Over the past 30 years, for DOE sites nationwide, CDM Smith has met environmental restoration, waste management, regulatory compliance, and design and construction needs of new and rehabilitated facilities.


Container Products Corporation has been providing containers, compactors and decontamination equipment to the nuclear industry since 1981. As the original designer and manufacturer of the "B25" container, CPC has grown to serve markets worldwide providing customers with containers utilizing carbon, stainless steel and aluminum. In addition, CPC can provide lead and plate shielding with thickness up to 9". CPC is NQA-1 compliant providing services to the government and commercial industry while serving over twenty nations outside the U.S.


Container Technologies (CTI) is a certified HubZone Small Business. Audited NQA-1 metal fabricator serving DOE, DOD, Power Generators, and commercial customers in the US, Canada and other countries. CTI has been in business for 20 years. CTI offers design, testing, certification, and fabrication of containers and structural components. CTI offers both physical and FEA testing (using LS DYNA software). CTI has been nominated by CNS Y-12 for a national small business award and has numerous commendations from our customers in the past several years.


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Central Research Laboratories (CRL) is a U.S. based engineering and manufacturing company that has been developing remote handling systems including telemanipulators, transfer systems, and glove ports for over 70 years. CRL works directly with its customers to identify the best solutions, from standard product offerings to customized development, ensuring the best solution possible for safe and confident handling – for every application need.

CTI and Associates, Inc.

CTI is an accomplished small business with over 40 years of geotechnical/civil design, construction, and design/build experience. Our staff of 100+ engineers and scientists have specialized expertise in landfill/waste disposal facilities (including low-level and mixed waste design, construction, and closure projects) and have earned a reputation for safety, innovation, and quality within the DOE/DOD community. Visit booth 806 and learn how CTI can assist in solving your complex D&D, remediation, or waste disposal issues.

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Cyclife is EDF Groups's brand dedicated to the challenges of the decommissioning market and the growing requirements to recycle nuclear waste. Cyclife offers one-stop nuclear solutions to responibly shape the future for our next generations. Cyclife... - develops innovative cost effective solutions for waste management and decommissioning, - answers the growing need to reduce and recycle waste and preserve disposal capacity, - uses EDF's skills and assets to offer efficient decommissioning and waste management solutions following a waste-led decommissioning methodology.

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DAHER-TLI, the North American Nuclear subsidiary of DAHER, provides turnkey solutions to the front and back-end sectors of the nuclear fuel cycle. DAHER designs and provides products and services based on its comprehensive portfolio of expertise: Engineering, Packaging, Transport and Logistics, Waste Treatment, Characterization, Volume Reduction, etc. DAHER is a tier-1 equipment supplier to the high-technology industries. Created in 1863, DAHER is an international group present in 12 countries across the world,and generates over 1 Billion dollars in turnover annually.

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Deep Isolation

Deep Isolation is a leading innovator in nuclear waste storage and disposal solutions. Founded through a passion for environmental stewardship, scientific ingenuity, and American entrepreneurship, Deep Isolation’s world-class team of experts has developed a patented solution using directional drilling and genuine stakeholder engagement to safely store or dispose of nuclear waste deep underground. Deep Isolation has gained significant traction through a public demonstration of its technology, publication of a series of technical papers in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Energies, and most recently the expansion of its business development efforts internationally.

Desco Mfg. Co., Inc.

Desco supplies commercial and government entities with vacuum shrouded surface preparation tools and industrial vacuums. They are used where surface cleaning tasks need to be concerned with safety, FME, abatement or decontamination. Safety and regulatory compliance are driving the need for adoption of preemptive containment technology of this type.


Dominion Engineering, Inc. (DEI) is a specialized engineering firm providing technical consulting, engineering analysis, applied R&D testing, and specialized equipment design/build services to commercial and Government nuclear industry clients.


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An employee-owned business founded in 1985, ECC delivers high quality, comprehensive, and competitive disaster recovery, design-build, construction, environmental, energy, closure, munitions response, and international development solutions to the challenges facing our government clients. ECC has demonstrated the technical and managerial breadth and expertise to complete a variety of large-scale, concurrent projects across the globe.

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Energy Steel’s areas of expertise are specific legacy replacement components, general obsolescence solutions and custom fabrication. We have the experience, certifications, and the right team to tackle the most complex projects encountered in the nuclear industry. Energy Steel projects include fabricated structural supports, specialty machined components, high integrity containers and tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pumps and custom skid systems, dry cask components, and specialty hydraulic nuts. We serve the nuclear industry exclusively. Energy Steel has over 35 years of dedicated service emphasizing quality first, maintaining the highest certifications in the field including ASME code N, NPT, NS, NA, U certificates and National Board R, NR certificates. We offer bundled solutions providing engineering and equipment for turnkey results. Energy Steel is a subsidiary of Graham Corporation in Batavia, New York, Together both facilities maintain over 250,000 ft2 of shop floor space and stand ready to build your next major project.


The Energy Technology and Environmental Business Association (ETEBA) is a non-profit trade association representing more than 250 small, large and mid-sized companies that provide environmental, technology, energy, engineering, construction and related services to government and commercial clients. Our mission is to promote the success of our members by fostering market understanding, identifying business opportunities and advocating for our common interests.

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EnergySolutions is a leading provider of specialized technology based nuclear services to government and commercial customers. We are committed to environmental protection, energy independence and the nuclear industry. Our services include engineering, in-plant operations, outsourced specialty services, spent nuclear fuel management, decontamination and decommissioning, logistics, transportation processing and disposal.

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Envirocon safely and reliably delivers projects that protect, remediate, and restore our environment for commercial and government clients nationwide. Helping our clients meet their goals and objectives with innovative approaches in environmental remediation, ecological restoration, and decommissioning & demolition is what we do. Envirocon offers proven safety performance, project delivery, and financial strength and stability unmatched in our industry. We serve our clients with integrity and provide reliable, safe, and high-quality results.

Environmental Restoration Group

Environmental Restoration Group, Inc. (ERG) is a small business specializing in the areas of health physics consulting, instrumentation rental, and survey system technology integration. We combine these specialties towards the goal of developing state-of-the-art position-correlated indoor and outdoor radiological survey systems; all made readily available through rental to other parties. Free training on all survey systems is provided at our Albuquerque, NM facility. As needed, ERG can provide experienced staff for onsite setup and operation of survey systems, and review and presentation of data collected using our survey systems.


Florida International University's Applied Research Center is a university based research center located in Miami, Florida. Since 1995, ARC has supported DOE's environmental restoration mission by conducting applied research in key DOE-EM's technical areas such as Decontamination & Decommissioning, Waste Processing, and Soil & Groundwater. In 2007, DOE and FIU established the DOE-FIU Science & Technology Workforce Development Program; this unique program is designed to develop a pipeline of minority scientists and engineers students (called DOE Fellows) specifically trained and mentored to join federal or private sector workforce.

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Fluor is a global leader in engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance, and project management. Active across six continents, we work with governments and multinational companies to design, build, and maintain the world's most complex projects. Fluor's government service business dates back to the Manhattan Project. It continues today with some of the most challenging missions in the world. We provide nuclear operations, waste management, site management and operations, environmental remediation, and laboratory management to the U.S. Department of Energy, as well as the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and the Canadian government. Among our active projects, we are managing the decommissioning of the world's largest gaseous diffusion plant and also the most significant national laboratory for cleanup and D&D technology development within the DOE complex. Fluor’s experience, flexibility, responsiveness, and commitment to integrity, performance, and safety result in unparalleled service delivery. We are a proud partner in our customers' mission success.


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GEL Laboratories, LLC

Founded in 1981, our client base includes 72 US commercial nuclear sites and 15 Department of Energy sites. In addition, we offer chemical and radiochemical analysis to DoD clients including 13 Army Corps of Engineer (USACE) Districts, the US Navy and Air Force. GEL provides these clients with customized analytical chemistry services including PFAS analysis, environmental monitoring, RI/FS, RCRA investigation, NPDES analysis, hazardous and mixed waste characterization, bioassay, decommissioning and remediation closure analysis. Additionally, we perform full Part 61 and Energy Solutions Clive characterization services on samples with contact doses rates up to 600 mR/hr.


GEM Technology (GEM) is a premier minority woman-owned, small disadvantaged business support services provider of precision executed High Level Safeguards & Security Services, Physical Security, Investigation Services, Emergency Management, Engineering, Environmental & Safety Services, Cybersecurity, and Information Solutions & Services, Intelligence. Our quality staff and experts deliver the right combination of domain and multi-discipline expertise to our clients. As a successful small business, GEM strives to deliver compliant and responsive deliverables that are effective in meeting all client goals and objectives. GEM is a Federal government contractor providing highly skilled staff on most tasks. For fast efficient contracting purposes, GEM has established several GSA Schedule contracts, and lucrative BPAs and BOAs are in place to substantially curtail the time and effort to award a contract. GEM client evaluations show that all of GEM’s customers have rated our performance as exceeding all expectations. Any client contracting with GEM will receive the same high level support and innovation exceeding the client’s goals and mission.

General Plastics Manufacturing Co.

General Plastics Manufacturing Company’s LAST-A-FOAM® FR-3700 crash and fire protection foams are recognized by specifying agencies as being one of the best solutions for the protection of hazardous payloads. The LAST-A-FOAM® FR-3700 formulation is designed to allow predictable impact-absorption performance under dynamic loading, while providing an intumescent char layer that insulates and protects hazardous materials, even when exposed to pool-fire conditions.

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Gensuite is a leading, cloud-based EHS software solutions provider that enables diverse companies to foster safe & sustainable workplaces worldwide. Our fully configurable solutions are designed to solve today’s toughest industry challenges – empowering companies to protect employees, minimize environmental impacts, to achieve functional program goals & objectives. Our leaders were the first Gensuite end-users – and we continue that legacy every day, as we partner with our global subscriber group to continuously evolve & hyper-personalize our solutions to address growing & changing global needs.

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Gilbane is a 150 yr old, privately held company with annual revenues exceeding $5B. Gilbane's Environmental Division specializes in Environmental Compliance, Engineering, Consulting and Remediation. We have long-standing relationships with all branches of DOD, DOE-OS, EPA, and commercial clients. Our experienced teams perform a full range of environmental services, from investigations and feasibility studies to remedial design and remedial action. Following remediation, we can develop and implement long-term monitoring strategies to ensure continued regulatory compliance. We specifically perform: Environmental consulting, Environmental assessments, Site investigations, Environmental compliance and permitting, Sampling and analysis of environmental media, Feasibility and treatability studies, Remediation of hazardous, toxic and radioactive waste, Operations and maintenance of remediation systems, Transportation and disposal of hazardous, toxic and radioactive materials, Rapid response to environmental situations, Long-term monitoring, Environmental and human health risk assessments, and Munitions/explosives investigations and cleanup.

Graus Chemicals, LLC

Graus Chemicals provides Calcium Polysulfide Solution (REMOTOX®) to the environmental industry for the remediation of heavy metal-contaminated soils, groundwater and wastewater. Over the past few years, we have had the privilege to be able to serve many reputable engineering and contracting firms, as well as waste management and water treatment companies. We are extremely proud to be one of the select few companies that can provide a continuous, reliable supply of locally manufactured Calcium Polysulfide. Whether a project calls for product in drums, totes or in tank truckloads, we have the resources and flexibility to meet customers’ site specific needs. .

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H3D offers the world's highest-performance gamma-ray imaging spectrometers. From storage to measurement in two minutes, we guarantee 1.1% FWHM at 662 keV and omnidirectional isotope-specific images, all in a portable package. Polaris-H is used in nuclear power plants globally, and we have products for defense, security, and medical applications.

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Develop and sales force feedback system for Industrial application. Nucelar is part of our business for télé-robotics application, master and slave for hotcell, decommissionning.


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HGL is a Small Business (NAICS 562910) full-service engineering and remediation firm with over 30 years of experience responding to environmental challenges. HGL offers a full array of remediation and groundwater optimization services for safe and cost-efficient remediation of sites contaminated with hazardous, radiological, and munitions constituents. Our modeling tools have been licensed for use in 49 countries around the world. Recently, we developed advanced optimization software called Physics‐Based Management Optimization (PBMOTM). PBMOTM provides an effective tool for integrating physics-based modeling with management considerations (e.g. time, budget) to address environmental challenges at a level of detail previously considered impractical. PBMOTM has been applied successfully to environmental remediation and mine dewatering projects.

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Through superior performance, innovation, and the infusion of its best in class operating system, Honeywell Federal Solutions is proud to support the Department of Energy's Office of Environmental Management's mission to make a cleaner, safer, smarter, and sustainable world. Our operating system, commercial best practices, and connected solutions enable us to deliver on our commitments and driving enhanced technical capabilities across our customer’s sites.

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Hot Cell Services is the worldwide leader in safe viewing solutions for the Nuclear and Medical Industries. We manufacture Radiation Shielding Windows, Glove Box Windows, Lead Glass Slabs and Bricks, Radiation Gaskets and supplies. We offer lifetime support of our products with Engineering, Consulting, Extraction, Installation, Maintenance, Refurbishment, Inspection and Diagnosis services.

HukariAscendent, Inc.

HukariAscendent is a service disabled Vietnam veteran-owned small business providing quality engineering, technical, and professional support services to the government and commercial nuclear science and technology industry. Specializing in Nuclear Safety, Licensing, and Engineering, we support the nuclear industry with our capabilities covering the complete nuclear life cycle (new reactor and non-reactor facilities, operating plants, decontamination, decommissioning, and demolition), and our people have the experience and depth to address the most difficult challenges. The HukariAscendent network provides access to over 5,000 engineers and industry professionals with multiple years of nuclear related experience making us a recognized leader in this industry.

Huntington Ingalls Industries

A part of Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) Technical Solutions division, the Nuclear & Environmental Group (N&EG), comprised of HII Nuclear and HII Mechanical, is focused on improving our nation’s security. We do this by supporting the national security mission of the Department of Energy, fabricating nuclear quality components for the only new nuclear units being constructed in the country and Boiler Water Circulating Pump repairs and rebuilds for the fossil industry, as well as valve repairs and testing for the Department of Defense and commercial markets.


ICE provides packaging, transportation, logistical support and waste management services for both commercial and government clients. ICE utilizes a multi-modal transportation approach including; rail, truck and marine conveyances. ICE specializes in handling low level radioactive waste, RCRA hazardous waste, TSCA/PCB waste, non-hazardous waste, hazardous materials and equipment & machinery. Our Site Services Group provides on-site services including completion of waste profiles, design and fabrication of custom transload facilities & custom soft sided & steel transportation packages and staff augmentation. Our Equipment and Machinery Group handles the loading, blocking / bracing and transportation of heavy and over-dimensional equipment and machinery. All work is performed economically in a safe manner and under our NQA-1 Program.


ISO-PACIFIC is a green environmental remediation firm specializing in the advancement of technologies to both identify, and remove dangerous contaminants. Our focus is consistantly moving technology forward for the benefit of our field and the environment.

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Jacobs leads the global professional services sector delivering solutions for a more connected, sustainable world. With $15 billion in fiscal 2017 revenue when combined with full-year CH2M revenues and a talent force of more than 77,000, Jacobs provides a full spectrum of services including scientific, technical, professional and construction- and program-management for business, industrial, commercial, government and infrastructure sectors. For more information, visit www.jacobs.com, and connect with Jacobs on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) commits to research and development for the accelerated decommissioning of TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and reconstruction of Fukushima at the earliest possible date. R&D is steadily progressing consistent with the Mid-and-Long-Term Roadmap towards the decommissioning. For environmental recovery, JAEA is contributing to local government planning for regenerating agriculture, forestry, etc., and resident repatriation by predicting the behavior of cesium in the environment. Promoting the R&D base, JAEA is developing facilities as research centers for undertaking the technological developments that are necessary for preparing the removal of fuel debris and radioactive waste management.

JFoster & Associates, LLC

JFoster & Associates, LLC (JFA) is an 8(a) certified, woman-owned small business premier contractor located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. JFA provides the highest quality technical and professional services to DOE, DOD, other government customers, as well as commercial customers. Our success is based on our customer service focus and our proven responsiveness to both our clients and our resources.


Joseph Oat Corporation is a world renowned designer and fabricator of pressure vessels, waste canisters, reactors, heat exchangers, and other specialty items for the nuclear power, radwaste, chem/petrochemical, and other industries. Family owned and operated since 1788, the company has gained its reputation by providing high quality equipment in a great variety of alloys for some of the most demanding and critical applications, including safety related and “N’ stamped equipment.

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Established:1840, Incorporated:1930, Paid-in Capital:Over JPY 81,400 million, Number of Employees:7,611, Business Domain:Construction, Real Estate Development, Architectural Design, Civil Engineering Design, Engineering, and Other

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Leidos is a Fortune 500® information technology, engineering, and science solutions and services leader working to solve the world’s toughest challenges in the defense, intelligence, homeland security, civil, and health markets. The company’s 31,000 employees support vital missions for government and commercial customers. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Leidos reported annual revenues of approximately $10.17 billion for the fiscal year ended December 29, 2017. For more information, visit www.Leidos.com

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Locus Technologies

Locus Technologies is a Silicon Valley-based market leader in enterprise cloud applications for governance, risk, compliance (GRC), with a focus on EHS compliance, water, and sustainability. Locus apps and software solutions improve business performance by strengthening risk management and EHS for organizations across industries and government agencies. Organizations ranging from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 50 enterprises, such as Chevron, Honeywell, Sempra, Bayer, DuPont, San Jose Water Company and Los Alamos National Laboratory have selected Locus.

Longenecker & Associates, Inc.

Longenecker & Associates, Inc. (L&A) is a woman-owned small business that combines the specialized expertise and flexibility of a traditional consulting firm with the capabilities, geographic reach and operational experience of a much larger company. L&A is an industry leader for complex, high hazard projects and operations in engineering, energy, environmental and regulatory compliance. In addition, L&A provides value with direct support in QA, Contractor Assurance, Project Management and Construction. L&A is unique in our ability to provide experts in Fire Protection, Criticality Safety, NQA-1 capabilities and specialty areas.


Marshallton manufactures specialty chemicals for remediation and recycling in the nuclear energy industry. These include MAXCalix, Cs-7SB solvent modifier, and guanidine suppressors, key components for cesium removal. Also available: extractants and solvents used in nuclear fuel cycle R & D. Custom synthesis,custom formulation: grams to 100's of kilograms. Concept through commercialization.


Mega-Tech Services, LLC provides a complete line of high pressure hydraulic tools including Guillotine Cutters, Scissor Cutters, Crushers, Crimpers, Pipe Punches, Sampling, Spreaders, and Grapplers. We offer extensive expertise in specialty or custom tooling applications for nuclear maintenance and decommissioning projects.   Mega-Tech Services, LLC is a woman-owned small business providing services to the nuclear industry in both domestic and international markets for over 20 years.

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Canberra, now Part of Mirion Technologies, is a leading supplier of innovative and cost-effective nuclear measurement solutions and services used to maintain safety of personnel, assess the health of nuclear facilities and safeguard the public and the environment. Canberra solutions are used in radiochemistry laboratories, health physics applications, nuclear power operations, nuclear safeguards, nuclear waste management, environmental radiochemistry and other applications.

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NAC International

NAC International (NAC) is an industry-leading provider of engineering and spent fuel management solutions for nuclear facility operators, fuel cycle companies and government agencies. The company offers a proven process for the design, licensing and deployment of innovative technologies to store, transport and manage nuclear materials, including high level waste and spent fuel. Our professional staff possesses unsurpassed industry knowledge and experience, necessary for today’s demanding requirements for nuclear fuel cycle projects and performance. NAC serves more than 200 customers and supports a host of diverse projects.

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North Wind Group

North Wind is one of the nation’s leading small businesses providing engineering, construction, environmental, and technical services to federal and state agencies and private industry. Founded in 1997, North Wind has grown to a group of companies that employs more than 1,200 scientific, engineering, management and professional personnel. Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI), an Alaska Native corporation (ANC), acquired North Wind in 2010. North Wind is headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and has a presence in 35 states and three countries.


NSSI Source and Services, Inc. is based on a 5 acre facility in Southeast Houston. NSSI offers services and products including chemical and radioactive decontamination, leak testing, radiation instrument calibration, radiation safety training, and waste disposal. Waste disposal activities encompass the treatment, storage, and disposal of radioactive, hazardous and non-hazardous, and mixed radioactive/hazardous wastes. NSSI has been licensed to possess and use radioactive materials and process radioactive waste since 1971. NSSI obtained its final part B permit for hazardous, non-hazardous, and mixed wastes on October 4, 1990.

Nuclear Engineering International

Since the first issue in April 1956, Nuclear Engineering International has provided technical insight behind the news headlines for the entire civil nuclear power industry, from uranium mining to deep geological waste disposal, and new-build to decontamination. We independently compile and publish quarterly performance statistics for most nuclear power plants, worldwide.


NUCON specializes in high efficiency filtration process equipment. Activated carbon and specialty adsorbents for the control of radioiodine, mercury, sulfur, noble and acid gases. Testing of HVAC and filtration systems. Manufacture instruments for testing HVAC systems. Engineering, design, fabrication and testing of systems using adsorption technology including gaseous radwaste control.

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NV5/Dade Moeller

NV5/Dade Moeller provides professional and technical services to government and commercial clients in radiological and nuclear safety, public and worker protection, and environmental project operations. We have extensive experience in a wide range of disciplines, including health physics, industrial hygiene, occupational safety, training, environmental services, infrastructure, engineering and program management.

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Orano is a global company that offers products and services related to the front end and the back end of the nuclear fuel cycle. Orano Federal Services provides nuclear fuel cycle technologies and environmental management services to the U.S. federal government. Leveraging Orano’s nuclear fuel cycle experience, Orano matches the evolving needs of the U.S. government with proven and first-of-a-kind technologies that help meet the nation’s cleanup and closure needs, along with engineering solutions for managing used nuclear fuel and radioactive waste. Our expertise covers used fuel and waste treatment; packaging and transportation; facility decommissioning and dismantling (D&D); and environmental remediation.

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ORTEC manufactures a wide range of radiation measurement instruments and systems for use in waste management operations associated with plant operation, decommissioning and waste disposal, including in situ characterization measurements and containerised waste assay. Visit the ORTEC booth to learn about our latest products, including our latest HPGe detectors, ICS mechanical coolers and ISOCART-85 mobile system for free release waste assay.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

PNNL is a multiprogram National Laboratory providing enduring scientific and technical expertise to the EM mission. For over 50 years, PNNL has provided systematic analyses of integrated system and constraints therein to identify and address technical gaps and operational/environmental risks; scientific and technological solutions to enable site baselines and opportunities for improvement in process; independent technical basis for near- and long-term decisions and mission needs; and reduced technical uncertainties and programmatic/operational/environmental contamination risks to support consistency in decision-making, technical integration, and resolution of long-term technical issues.

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PacTec Inc. has more than 25 years experience in the design and manufacturing of the most innovative and cost efficient packaging solutions for the nuclear and hazardous wastes industries. PacTec’s IP1 and IP2 flexible containers are used on decommissioning sites and remediation projects around the globe.

Pajarito Scientific Corporation

Pajarito Scientific Corporation (PSC) is an internationally recognized supplier of comprehensive, integrated solutions in the field of non-destructive assay (NDA), containment, filtration and specialist shielding. Where there is a requirement to locate, identify, characterize, contain or shield radioactive material, PSC has the solution. PSC has over 25 years of custom manufacturing experience, from rapid prototyping through to fully developed systems. PSC offers a range of products and services based on our advanced design and manufacturing capability at our facilities in Santa Fe, NM and Groton, CT. The Company employs highly qualified Physicists, Engineers (Electrical, Mechanical and Software), Field Operations personnel and Project Managers.

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PaR Systems, LLC

Since 1961, PaR Systems has provided remote handling and manipulator systems for process cell and decommissioning applications in the nuclear industry. PaR provides systems for size reduction and hazardous material handling environments, including telerobotic manipulators, powered manipulators, robotic systems and specialty cranes and crane control upgrades, such as transporter and in-cell cranes.

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Paragon D&E

Paragon serves a variety of industries including automotive, heavy truck, oil & gas, aerospace & defense, marine and nuclear. Paragon is known for its capabilities in very large and very accurate molds, fixtures, and contract machining.


Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc. is a nuclear services company and leading provider of nuclear waste management services. The Company's nuclear waste services include management and treatment of radioactive and mixed waste for hospitals, research labs and institutions, Department of Energy ("DOE"), Department of Defense ("DOD"), and the commercial nuclear industry. The Company's nuclear services group provides project management, waste management, environmental restoration, decontamination and decommissioning, new build construction, and radiological protection, safety and industrial hygiene capability to our clients. The Company operates three fixed based nuclear waste treatment facilities and provides the most comprehensive mixed waste management services nationwide.

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Started in 1961, Petersen Inc. today is over 1.3-million sq. ft. of world class manufacturing, specialized fabrication, precision machining, warehouse and distribution facilities in Utah and Idaho. We provide ongoing safe solutions to high profile projects with DOE, utilities and nuclear related customers. With extensive experience in commercial nuclear reactor services as well as decommissioning services we are equipped to handle your project requirements. We specialize in manufacturing process equipment, transportation equipment, special handling and monitoring equipment. We manufacture spent fuel containers and casks, transport and storage containers, dryers, melters, vessels, skids, gloveboxes, shielding, and much, much more. Our quality standards and certifications allow for work with highest quality requirements. Our planning and expertise ensures timely service, successful implementation and execution of your project. Give us a call to see how we can help you with your upcoming projects.

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PHDS Co. manufactures gamma-ray imaging germanium-detector systems. The newly available Germanium Gamma-ray Imager (GeGI) is capable of 4pi ComptonVision imaging for location and identification of gamma-ray emitting isotopes. Using other imaging modalities, GeGI can provide detailed near-field gamma-ray imaging information from multiple-isotope distributions.


Porvair Filtration Group offers both the engineering competence and quality infrastructure to meet the challenges of the industry and produce solutions to ensure the efficiency and safety of those processes, using a range of technologies, products and techniques. These include Iodine traps/absorbers, Pulsed jet self-cleaning air and gas filtration systems, HEPA pre-filtration systems and Caesium capture protection, as well as waste package filter vent/breathers designed to meet filtration efficiency, hydrogen diffusion and pressure differential requirements, demisters to take aerosols out of gas and air streams and a variety of other designed-for-purpose filtration and separation packages. Porvair Filtration Group has been supplying high quality filtration solutions to the nuclear industries within Europe, the USA and the UK since the 1980s. Working across the field, designing and supplying filtration and other equipment, we offer solutions to the power generation, fuel production, reprocessing, decontamination and decommissioning and waste packaging sectors. As an engineering company in the filtration industry, we are able to take an initial discussion to a fully optimized solution, meeting material, code, technical and quality requirements to provide a total solution to a specific problem. We have the capability to provide everything from a single, specialized, retrofit element to a complete, packaged system to meet the precise needs of a complex application, together with on-site support and a complete after sales service. In addition to our acknowledged leadership in both engineering and quality, we also have the capability to offer the services of our extensive laboratory, development and testing facilities.

Premier Technology, Inc.

Premier Technology, Inc. is a trusted supplier of custom fabricated equipment for the DOE, DOD and other government agencies. From environmental remediation of legacy waste to cutting edge research, Premier is committed to supporting critical missions of the United States government and its prime contractors. Premier's experience includes the successful delivery of more than 1,000 projects under our ASME NQA-1 program and is the first company in history to receive ASME NQA-1 certification. From design-build to build-to-print, our experienced personnel and extensive capabilities ensure that your project team includes a world class fabrication partner.


Radwaste Solutions – celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2019 – is a specialty magazine providing expanded coverage of worldwide decommissioning, environmental remediation, and waste management activities. Feature articles discuss the generation, handling, transportation, treatment, cleanup, storage, and disposal of radioactive waste. The magazine was created out of industry demand by the American Nuclear Society for professionals and companies working within these specialized areas of the nuclear field. If your company is performing or seeking work related to decommissioning, waste management, or environmental remediation, advertise or subscribe today: www.ans.org/rs ● A complimentary copy of our Spring issue is included within your WM19 registration bag.

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ResinTech, Inc.

ResinTech Inc., an acknowledged leader in ion exchange, manufactures a broad range of ion exchange resins for water and wastewater treatment, including deionization, softening, metals removal, product purification, resource recovery, and pollution control. In addition to its ion exchange resins, ResinTech supplies activated carbon and inorganic selective exchangers.


Robatel Technologies was established in 2009 as the US subsidiary of Robatel SA. We are in charge of Robatel’s development of the American Nuclear market. We specialize in design and fabrication of transportation and storage casks, hot cells, glove boxes, metallic structures, waste processing systems, and neutron shielding. Additionally, we design turn-key process lines comprised of multiple systems for unique applications. Robatel has provided engineering services since 1830, and has embraced the nuclear field since 1953. Our technical capabilities include engineering design and calculations, regulatory approval expertise, fabrication, testing, and site operations. Our customer base is spread over Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas.

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Rolls-Royce provides a comprehensive suite of nuclear services and innovative fleet solutions that support critical investment projects and meet customer demands for plant availability, predictability, long-term operation and improvement of existing plant. With a global footprint and a 50-year proven track record for delivery, our nuclear services capability encompasses: Remote monitoring A/V products and services. Remote tool design and delivery allowing access to the most sensitive locations, including non-destructive examination, material sampling, engineering, obsolescence management services and software solutions, bundled with our strategic sourcing capabilities, to help customers proactively manage lifetime performance. Plant automation and monitoring solutions for optimal efficiency. Design and manufacturing of custom process and remote fuel handling equipment and full service delivery helping customers to address some of their most complex technical challenges. We are able to draw upon multi-disciplined engineering excellence to deliver a flexible, responsive and integrated approach to address customers' emergent, unplanned needs. Everything we do is designed with one thing in mind - to solve the industry's most complex engineering challenges for our customers.

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RSI EnTech, LLC a small business headquartered in Oak Ridge, TN, with offices in Oak Ridge, Portsmouth, OH, and Aiken, SC offering services focused on environmental cleanup and beneficial site reuse. We work with the intent to make everything we touch a win-win situation. This applies to our customers, our co-workers, our suppliers, and our subcontractors. RSI is an ASRC Industrial Services Company.

S&K Mission Support

S&K Mission Support, LLC (SKMS) is an 8(a) pending, wholly-owned company of the S&K Technologies, Inc. (SKTH) enterprise, a holding company owned by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) of the Flathead Nation in Western Montana. S&K Mission Support offers business oversight, technical, administrative, information Technology (IT), and engineering services.

Sealaska Government Services, LLC

Sealaska Corporation, an Alaskan Native Corporation, and is a participant in good standing with the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Business Development program. Headquartered in Richland, Washington, Sealaska Technical Services, LLC (STS) operates regional offices in Bellevue, Washington; Portland, Oregon; San Diego, California; and Juneau, Alaska. Additionally, we have global project offices in more than 14 countries. STS is uniquely capable compared to other small disadvantaged organizations due to its mature business systems and operational infrastructure gained from an SBA-approved Mentor-Protégé relationship with Tetra Tech, Inc. We offer a diverse mix of staff with technical capabilities and capacity to perform large, technically complex and logistically challenging projects. We have demonstrated the value of our services and technical solutions in meeting the mission needs of government and commercial clients through projects performed domestically and abroad.

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SECUR is a woman-owned small business that supports the environmental remediation and waste management industries with innovative logistics, packaging, technical services and consulting solutions developed over 35 years of hands-on industry experience.

Skolnik Indutries, Inc.

Skolnik Industries is a manufacturer of carbon and stainless steel drums for storage and disposal of radioactive material. In addition, Skolnik manufactures custom packaging for the DOE and nuclear industries.

Southwest Research Institute

The Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses (CNWRA®), a federally funded research and development center located at Southwest Research Institute®, offers extensive expertise related to nuclear power generation, transportation of radioactive materials, storage and disposal of radioactive waste, environmental assessments, and safety evaluations of nuclear fuel-cycle facilities, as well as decommissioning of nuclear facilities. We have more than 30 years of experience providing regulatory and analytical support to our FFRDC sponsor, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as well as private organizations and state, local, and international governments. CNWRA is operated by SwRI®, a premier independent, nonprofit research and development organization. SwRI offers multidisciplinary services leveraging advanced science and applied technologies spanning from deep sea to deep space. Since 1947, we have provided solutions for some of the world’s most challenging scientific and engineering problems.

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Spectra Tech, Inc.

Spectra Tech, Inc. is an engineering, environmental, and nuclear services company that focuses on providing high quality and cost-effective technical solutions for our Federal Government and commercial clients worldwide. We are headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, with additional offices in Norcross, GA.

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Strata-G, LLC

Strata-G is a veteran-owned business, headquartered in Knoxville, TN, with project sites throughout the DOE Complex, primarily on the Oak Ridge Reservation. Services are in 3 areas: Business Operations, Infrastructure, Compliance. Strata-G employs 210 scientists, engineers, business systems experts who practice integrity, service, quality, and safety in their project performance.

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Studsvik Inc

We develop, sell and deliver innovative technical solutions to create superior value by improving performance and reducing risk. We offer advanced engineering and consultancy, fuel and materials testing, fuel and reactor management software as well as lifecycle management of nuclear and radioactive hazards, decommissioning of nuclear facilities and designing radioactive waste management processes.


Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc. is a recognized leader in providing innovative and proven systems engineering, advanced technology application, software development, and manufacturing solutions to Department of Energy, commercial nuclear, environmental, and military requirements. Our strengths in both engineering and manufacturing distinguish us from our competitors.


With a nationwide network of over 80 locations, TestAmerica Laboratories, Inc. provides clients with innovative technical expertise and comprehensive analytical testing services. TestAmerica’s team of over 2,000 industry professionals offers support to clients in both the public and private sectors. Our analytical services include routine environmental parameters, and specialty analyses such as source and ambient air testing, explosives, specialty organics, dioxins, sediments and tissues, emerging contaminants, radiochemistry and mixed waste, and drinking water testing.

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theEDGE was designed to provide you a competitive advantage when Doing Business with the Department of Energy. Growing your pipeline requires strategic positioning and real-time access to hundreds of locations where new opportunities are posted. As a member of theEDGE we’ll bring all of these opportunities to your personalized dashboard, Giving you theEDGE in government contracting. Access your account anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Never miss an RFP release or update again. Grow your knowledge with the latest industry intelligence and news, major contracts, advisory proceedings, the latest in congressional budget and appropriations, industry networking opportunities, recent award announcements and more. theEDGE is built by industry experts providing the right insight to win new work.


Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation was established on October 1st, 2017 by spinning off from Toshiba Corporation. We offer not only the large scale power generation systems of thermal and nuclear, but also of the renewables such as hydro power, PV, geothermal and wind power. We have expertise in transmission & distribution systems as well. Together with autonomous hydrogen energy supply system to enable local energy production for local consumption, and the smart grid integrating power infrastructure and the communications infrastructure, we can offer the best energy solutions the suit every customer. Our advanced technology for nuclear power is now applied to healthcare domain as well, offering an innovative way of Heavy Particle Ray Cancer Treatment.


TradeWind Services LLC, headquartered in Richland, Washington, is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. TradeWind is a licensed engineering & construction contractor in the State of Washington that provides full spectrum engineering, safety, and technical project support to the Department of Energy Prime Contractors. Always committed to providing the best value to their clients and the government, TradeWind has become their clients’ first choice in providing highly qualified, professional staffing support who are recognized as industry experts. Established in 2005, TradeWind Services has cultivated, maintained, and imprinted a proven performance record throughout the DOE and National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Weapons Complex.

U. S. Department of Energy Savannah River Operations Office

The Savannah River Site (SRS) is a 310-square-mile DOE site located near Aiken, S.C., on the Savannah River, which borders South Carolina and Georgia. SRS covers 198,046 acres, including parts of Aiken, Barnwell, and Allendale counties in South Carolina. The SRS annual budget is approximately $2 billion, with a workforce of about 11,700. Federal and Prime Contract tenants at the site include the DOE Office of Environmental Management (DOE-EM), the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), and the U.S. Forest Service – Savannah River.


UltraTech provides innovative product and technology solutions ranging from vents and filters, packaging, storage, absorbents, bag-out bags, Type A packaging, containers, secondary containment and customized products to meet specific site needs. Recent developments to be highlighted will include macroencapsulation technology and a new line of gas sampling filter vents.


The U.S. Department of Energy Environmental Management (EM) Nevada Program is responsible for addressing contaminated soil, groundwater, and industrial facilities impacted by historic nuclear research, development and testing in Nevada. At sites where remediation activities have been completed, the EM Nevada Program performs surveillance and monitoring activities. In addition, the EM Nevada Program safely and responsibly disposes low-level and mixed low-level radioactive waste, classified non-radioactive waste, and classified non-radioactive hazardous waste from approved Department of Energy and Department of Defense generators across the United States.

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US Ecology is the nation’s most comprehensive supplier of cost-effective transportation, treatment and disposal services for low-level radioactive wastes, hazardous and PCB wastes and naturally occurring, accelerator produced and exempt radioactive materials. US Ecology has provided radioactive waste services since 1952, and hazardous waste services since 1968.

VNS Federal Services

VNS Federal Services, LLC, is a company formed to deliver Veolia's robust capabilities to the U.S. government. VNS Federal Services is a subsidiary of Veolia Nuclear Solutions, backed by thousands of employees and more than 2,000 patents, and dedicated to providing solutions on nuclear, waste management, remediation and secure infrastructure challenges. Together, Veolia Nuclear Solutions and VNS Federal Services deliver an integrated value chain to the nuclear industry that includes a comprehensive range of innovative technologies and robotics, engineering, waste operations, and infrastructure and analytical services for facility operations, remediation, decommissioning, and the treatment of radioactive waste.


Wagstaff Applied Technologies provides the nuclear industry with mechanical and electrical engineering, fabrication, machining, assembly, and test services. Products include automated material handling equipment, ASME U Stamped pressure vessels, gloveboxes, code-compliant lifting beams, and automated control systems. Wagstaff AT's NQA-1 compliant quality assurance program has been audited and approved by several DOE contractors.

Walischmiller Engineering GmbH

Wälischmiller Engineering is a German company which has been providing safe, smart and cost-effective remote handling solutions with the famed German quality and reliability for over 60 years worldwide. Wälischmiller Engineering specializes in manufacturing remote-handling systems, radiation protection equipment and robotics for hazardous environments for the application in nuclear and chemical industries. Wälischmiller has a hard earned international reputation for performance, excellence in engineering and exceptional robotic hardware. In the most difficult and challenging nuclear environments, Wälischmiller has demonstrated the ability to bring solutions and success to many of the most difficult high-radiation remediation challenges.


Waste Control Specialists LLC (WCS) has emerged as the nation’s leading provider of treatment, storage and disposal services for low-level radioactive waste, mixed low-level radioactive waste, and hazardous waste. The Texas-sized, 14,000 acre, facility is a one-stop shop for radioactive generators across the country. At WCS, we are providing the most secure, safe and compliant waste treatment, storage and disposal services for our customers and employees by using technical expertise and innovation while incorporating the highest ethical standards.

Westinghouse Government Services

Our proven global technology innovations and capabilities can solve the most important critical-mission challenges. We bring commercial expertise in: • Hazardous nuclear chemical process operations • Nuclear site and aging facility operations and maintenance • Nuclear fuel and components manufacturing • Commercial operations • Decommissioning, decontamination and remediation, and waste management We offer you the ability to implement a culture of nuclear safety and quality, with access to unparalleled commercial experience and personnel globally. Bring us your toughest challenges – and we’ll bring you innovative solutions.


Building upon 30 years of service to the DOE, our team specializes in low-level and transuranic waste strategy, characterization, disposal and management solutions; high hazard remediation; environmental compliance; groundwater modeling/monitoring; and community outreach. Beyond in-depth environmental expertise and an EMR consistently below .54, Weston also ranks as an ENR top design firm.

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Wood Group has combined with Amec Foster Wheeler to form a new global leader in the delivery of project, engineering and technical services to energy and industrial markets.


The World Nuclear Transport Institute (WNTI) was founded in 1998 by British Nuclear Fuels plc (BNFL), now International Nuclear Services (INS) of the United Kingdom, COGEMA now Orano, and the Federation of Electric Power Companies (FEPC) of Japan to represent the collective interests of the radioactive materials transport sector, and those who rely on safe, secure, effective and reliable transport

Zachry Nuclear Engineering, Inc.

Zachry Nuclear provides premier, trusted software tools, analysis and engineering for design and safe operation of facilities worldwide, with a focus on innovative, effective solutions, customer relationships, and long term value. Zachry Nuclear has been serving electric utilities, advanced reactor designers, research organizations, regulators, Architect/Engineers, fuel vendors and government energy agencies worldwide for over 45 years. Zachry Nuclear specializes in providing significant cost savings for our clients through margin recapture, operations flexibility, maintenance/outage task and schedule reduction and effective designs by determining the best solution using optimization, efficiency improvements and advanced modeling and simulation methods. We are internationally recognized for our expertise in thermal hydraulics analysis, radiological analysis, safety analysis and code development.