Why Present?

The Waste Management Symposia is the largest conference in the world focusing on nuclear waste management policies and practices, as such, you will be able to tell your story to a target attendance comprised of key DOE officials, corporate managers and technical staff involved in the nuclear field.  Nowhere else can you obtain such visibility when presenting your work. Once your presentation is accepted, your work will be listed in our on-line program and in our final printed program. After presenting at the conference, your paper will be available in our on-line proceedings and accessible to those interested in your topic. In addition to visibility amongst your peers, the conference offers many networking opportunities where you can discuss your ideas personally with the DOE staff or with the many contractors who are in attendance. 

Present at WM2018

Interested in presenting at WM2018 on March 18-22, 2018 in Phoenix? Click here for the full WM2018 Call for Abstracts. The Abstract Submission Site is now open. Log into your Profile Homepage and click on Submit/Manage Abstracts for WM2018. Convenient submission process instructions are available by clicking here

Nuclear and Industrial Robotics, Remote Systems and Emerging Technologies
This topic accepts abstracts on all aspects of the use of robotics, remote systems, sensing, and tools used in the industrial and nuclear industry, including needs, problem statements, research and development. Abstracts are encouraged that discuss technology maturation, utilization, testing and verification, best practices, lessons learned, knowledge management and trends in robotics and remote systems, applications, facilities, use in emergency preparedness or response and recovery actions and the ability to withstand exposure to radioactive contamination or ionizing radiation. This topic will organize various oral sessions or may redistribute abstracts to the best related Topics, such as:

  • Role of Robotics in the Management of HLW, SNF/UNF and Long-lived Alpha/TRU
  • Remote System Handling and Robotics for Commercial Nuclear Power Plants
  • Application of Innovative D&D Technologies Including Robotics and Remote Technologies

Types of Presentations

Panel Sessions – Panel sessions consist of invited panelists by session organizers to present on specific topics. Panel Presenters are usually senior members of an agency or a corporation, or widely-recognized national and international subject matter experts. 

Oral Session - An oral session involves a peer-reviewed paper and a formal podium presentation supported by clear visual aids. 

Poster Presenters - Poster Presenters are required to prepare papers for publication and follow the same guidelines as Oral Presenters. The Poster Presentations are set up in a high traffic area within the Convention Center to increase visibility and attendee interaction. 

Non-Paper Posters – Similar to the Poster Presentations however, a paper is not required for this session and nothing will be published.